School Council

School Council sets the direction for the school. Council membership is open to parents, staff and members of the community. School Council responsibilities include -

  • Providing input into the development of the school's Strategic Plan and education policy
  • Administering the school's finances
  • Developing the school's codes of conduct
  • Developing and maintaining the school buildings and grounds

The Council consists of eight parent representatives, four DET representatives, the principal and two co-opted members. Appointments are for two years, with elections coinciding with the March General Meeting. The Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month, and is supported by the following General Committees:


Education Policy Committee
Responsible for developing new policies and co-ordinating a cyclical process of policy review. Developing, evaluating and reviewing the school's Strategic Plan.

Building and Grounds (and Facilities Hire)
Focuses on coordinating a regular maintenance program and upgrading the physical aspects of the school. Aims to ensure the stadium and hall are used to their greatest potential for curriculum and community use.

Canteen Committee
Responsible for establishing food policies that reflect the community and health values promoted in the school. Oversees the management of canteen operations.

Finance Committee
Establishes and maintains appropriate financial arrangements regarding school resources. Prepares and oversees the school's annual budget.

Safe to School Committee
Proactively works to improve traffic and parking management around the immediate school vicinity.Liaises, as appropriate, with the City of Boroondara.


School Council Documents

Parent Payment Policy


Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2019