At Boroondara Park P.S. we provide contemporary learning experiences, delivering a broad, challenging and inclusive curriculum for 21st Century learning. Our teaching and learning program is based upon the Victorian Curriculum Foundation-10.


Using an inquiry approach, our teaching teams deliver an Integrated Curriculum that provides opportunities for our children to:

  • Understand their world by posing questions, gathering information and communicating ideas
  • Work cooperatively with others to develop skills of listening, teamwork, empathy and collaboration
  • Develop life-long dispositions for intelligent, creative and reflective thinking
  • Develop a social conscience that enables them to take responsibility for their actions


Our inquiry approach is based on the following concepts:

  • Identity
  • Sustainability
  • Social Justice
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Change
  • Neccessity
  • Curiosity


At Boroondara P. S., we deliver a balanced approach to Literacy through incorporating all modes; Reading, Writing, Oral Language and Visual Literacy. The successful implementation of the English curriculum is well supported through the teaching and learning of our Integrated Inquiry units of work. At the heart of our Literacy program is the use of good quality literature and authentic experiences.


Numeracy learning occurs within the framework of a whole school inquiry approach. Our Numeracy program is structured around real life contexts, which are relevant to the children and thus engaging and meaningful. Maths tasks are open-ended and differentiated so that all children are catered for and experience success. Investigative problem solving activities and rich assessment tasks are planned together by teams of teachers at each learning level.