The Languages program at BPPS is an exciting and stimulating program aimed at teaching students the basics of French pronunciation, key phrases, French poetry and culture.

French at B.P.P.S. is taught from Foundation onwards and consists of a weekly fifty-minute lesson. Learning French, at BPPS, is achieved through conversation, songs and rhymes, play acting, games, ICT, poetry recitation and multimedia programs.


French, was the language chosen by parents, after a survey in 2015, when Languages became compulsory, at primary level from Foundation onwards.


French is also one of the languages taught at Balwyn High, the main secondary school our students attend after B.P.P.S.


French is the source of many well-used expressions in our English language as French was the original language spoken in the English court.


In our ever-increasing global world, it is important to recognize that French is spoken in thirty other countries all over the world and it is one of the six diplomatic languages spoken at the United Nations.

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