Team 1/2

Team 1/2 refers to Grade 1 and 2

Seven classes, comprising of grades around 24 students, the focus is largely on foundation Literacy and Numeracy Skills and the development of physical, personal and social capacities. Our formal camping program starts at this level, with the annual Grade 1 BBQ and Grade 2 sleepover (at school). Team 1/2 sport and weekly language (French) sessions complement the other wonderful activities experienced by the students. ICT is incorporated into everyday learning through many forms with the mindset of developing our students into 21st century citizens. As well as Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Studies, a number of other programs make up the Team 1/2 curriculum. The list below is just a sample of the wonderful activities our Team 1/2 students experience -

  • Grade 2 sleepover
  • Grade 1 BBQ
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming (term 4)
  • Weekly library sessions
  • Specialist programs including PE, Visual Arts, French and Performing Arts
  • Weekly whole team Sport
  • Excursions and guest visitors
  • Biennial Production or Circus Skills Concert (alternate years)