Team 3/4

Team 3/4 refers to Grade 3 and 4 students

Comprising of eight grades, consolidating and building on the foundations established in the Junior Primary years is an important aspect of learning in Team 3/4. As well as the academic, social and emotional development, an increase in responsibilities and independence is truly nurtured. Working individually, in pairs and small groups, students participate in a variety of stimulating and challenging tasks that encompass all areas of the curriculum. With the introduction of our one-to-one iPad program at this level, ICT is regularly incorporated into everyday activities. iPads are used across the curriculum to support students’ learning and help foster the skills required of 21st century learners. Our camping program extends with the students experiencing 'nights away from home' at Phillip Island (Grade 3 camp – 2 nights away) and Mount Evelyn (Grade 4 camp – 2 nights away). The list below is just a sample of the wonderful activities our Team 3/4 students experience:


  • Specialist programs including PE, Performing Arts, French and Visual Arts
  • Hooptime (interschool basketball round robin
  • Gymnastics (Term 3)
  • Swimming (Term 4)
  • Biennial Concert
  • Cross Country and Athletics competitions
  • Team 3/4 Sport (weekly)
  • A range of excursions, incursions and guest visitors
  • Grade 3 and 4 camp 
  • Opportunities to participate in music and instrumental groups
  • Weekly Library sessions