Core Values - Care, Learn and Share

The school’s core purpose is to offer the widest possible range of experiences and educational opportunities for our students so that they may all have the chance to succeed. Our comprehensively planned and structured curriculum encompasses core discipline-based learning complemented by studies in the arts and physical education. The development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, academically, culturally and physically – is our aim. This occurs within a caring and supportive environment with the provision of the best possible facilities, resources and administrative support.
Learning to learn is a particular focus with the intent of fostering a lifelong love of learning. We encourage the children to take responsibility for their own learning, to be self-motivated and appreciate the intrinsic value of learning.


The school’s vision includes -

  • Providing students with a challenging, fulfilling and enriching primary school experience
  • Providing students with the opportunity to adopt and embrace positive personal and social values to allow them to function effectively in society
  • Preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world
  • Preparing students to productively contribute, locally or globally, to improving our world


We view a child’s education as being the joint responsibility of the school, the parents and the child. To this end we encourage parental involvement in a range of areas and continually look at ways to enhance communication between school and home. Our Values includes -


Trust & Respect: Appreciate all members of the school community and work cohesively with them. Display honesty and integrity; treat people with dignity and property with care.

Shared purpose
: Encourage achievement through application, commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility, teamwork, direction and cooperation. Share the effort and responsibilities when working towards common goals.

Fostering Growth
: Promote academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical development. Work towards achieving full potential within an encouraging and supportive environment. Acquire knowledge and skills through creative and meaningful experiences for all associated with the school

: Receive and provide physical and emotional support. Take a genuine interest in the welfare of others.

Valuing Diversity: Accept and celebrate difference.