Student Voice

I'm Chloe, one of the school captains. I've been here at Boroondara Park since prep, so that's 7 years of my 12 on earth. I have really enjoyed every day I have been at this school. Throughout my time I have had many opportunities such as performing in a play at the Besen Centre, learning to play the flute, participating in sports and going on camps. All of these have developed me as a person. When you start at school, everything is confusing and you are not quite sure who you are yet. Luckily for me though, I came to Boroondara Park and I was able to experience lots of things and decide what I liked. When I was in Year 1, I started basketball with the school. 5 years later and I am still enjoying basketball. Boroondara Park is a big school and has all the advantages of a large school, but as a student here it doesn't feel too crowded. All the playgrounds and areas are separated so no one gets hurt or feels intimidated. Another thing I love about this school is how great a community we are. We have lots of events which get everyone involved. My 7 years here are coming to an end and I'm leaving with very fond memories. It will be sad to leave and hand over my school captain role but I am really looking forward to the Disco and Graduation evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and my parents couldn't have chosen a better school of me. 


My name is Thomas. I am one of the school vice captains. B.P.P.S has lots of opportunities ranging from sports to singing. We have extensive sporting opportunities such as basketball, inter school sports which includes soccer, footy, netball - cross country, athletics and swimming carnivals. The arts include Senior Choir for years 4, 5 and 6 and the Junior Choir for years 1, 2 and 3. Girls/Boys vocal group is also a popular group for kids who enjoy singing in years 5-6, it is great fun and we sing fun songs. I'm part of the boys vocal group. Other music groups include: the orchestra, the recorder group and the violin group. We also hold Junior School and Senior School productions. The school also runs lunch time activities like chess and personal music lessons. For those children that are interested in the environment the school runs a program called the Keen Green Team which introduced rubbish free lunches and other fun activities like planting trees. Another aspect of B.P.P.S that is very valuable particularly for young kids just starting school is our Care, Learn and Share program. These are groups where about 18 kids from the different year levels get together to play fun games, draw, cook, do art & craft and other fun things. You stay with this group and the same CLAS teacher your entire time at the school. This program provides a fantastic support network for children across the entire range of years.