Environmental Team

Boroondara Park Primary School have an Environmental Team that was started by students. The students named the group KGT (Keen Green Team)

Rationale of the Team:

For every sustainable and non-sustainable action there ia a reaction somewhere on the planet.

Aim to focus on the essential question of:

How will sustainability environmental practices, led by group, make a difference to the lives of the future years at BPPS?


To provide students with authentic and meangiful opportunities to engage with the environment and in so doing learn to understand and respect the environment of BPPS and the wider world.

This started becaused of the high level of interest in all areas related to Sustainability and the desire for change.

The team is made up of our two year 6 Environmental Captains as well as all grade 5 students who take part in KGT. A smaller group of year 5 and 6 students are also involved in a student conference facilitated by Boroondara Council.


To strategically plan for and implement quality learning spaces, experiences and programs that allow students the opportunity to better appreciate the natural world.

It includes focusing on the following:

We aim for this Environment Team to actively participate in setting yearly goals within 5 key areas including Biodiversity, Energy, Waste, Water and Curriculum.
Some achievements of our 2018 Enviroment Team include:

  •  Continuing to care for the school chickens and egg selling
  •  Continuing to care for th gardens of the school
  •  Promoting biodiversity through care of the land
  •  Reduced the amount of waste in the classrooms
  •  Developed and grow a range of vegetables and herbs in the Kitchen Garden
  •  Naming the Peace Place Garden
  •  Participating in the Boroondara Council Student Sustainabilty Conference
  •  Coordinating and building a Bug Hotel for the school following attendance at the student conference
  •  Developed signage for the Peace Place Garden
  •  Taking responsibity for the whole school composting program
  •  Involvement with outdoor play spaces including cubbies
  •  Involvement with outdoor learning areas including amphitheatre, water tank garden, and dry river bed veggie patch


All grade 5 classes for 8 weeks of each term (not first week or last week of each term). This allows students to take ownership of an area and to fully appreciate aspects of the environment such as seasonal change.

The aim for the program to be student led and experimental.