Over the years at BPPS we have aimed to create gardens that will promote the natural biodiversity of our area. We aim to create a wildlife corridor to link the area of Koonung Creek to the school.



We have created and maintained the following gardens to promote biodiversity:
2010 - Habitat Gardens at Ruth St entrance
2011 -  Creation of a River bed outside the Ruth St portables
2014 - She-oak grove and planting along the banks of the oval
2015 - Amphitheatre Garden created on the top oval
2016 - Green Day for Peace Graden. Beds to prevent mulch run off from 5/6 playground
2017 - Rehabilitation of the eroded area around the bottom oval water tank and creation of the Peace Place Garden
2018 - Regenerating the garden along the Almond St frontage with plants indigenous to the area.





Habitat Garden







River bed Project

2020 Learning the importance of biodiversity with Clare from CERES. 

Kitchen Garden
We have apple crates and vegetable garden beds that are used for growing edible plants throughout the year...




A mango tree grown from fruit snack.