Learning Assets

Supporting all children to become better learners


One of the aims at BPPS is to prepare students for lifelong learning in the 21st Century. In preparing students to be active citizens we therefore must do more than provide students with information. Knowledge alone is not enough, they also need the skills and dispositions to transfer this knowledge across learning domains and into the future. At BPPS we empower our students to be inquiry learners. Teaching and Learning is therefore focused on both content AND process - meaning that students learn "the WHAT" together with "the HOW". Following the Kath Murdoch learner assets students are explicitly taught the skills and dispositions for lifelong learning. The Learning Assets outline the most important qualities and skills that good learners need in order to develop and enhance their learning. The learner assets encourage students to be researchers, thinkers, collaborators, self-managers and communicators across all areas of learning.


A framework of Learner Assets

I can think logically, creatively, empathetically and reflectively.

I can research/investigate in many different ways.

I can communicate effectively to others

I can collaborate with others and work effectively in a team.

I can manage my own learning and behaviour and work independently.

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